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(One of my favorite WF cans, an Esslinger from Pennsylvania.  This one even has a stamp on the lid giving details on the exclusive Venezuelan distributor)

These cans are also referred to as WF and WFIR cans.  They feature a statement which designates them as Withdrawn Free of Taxes for Exportation.  They are often found as Olive Drab WWII cans (aka: OD, Camo, or camouflage) but many examples of normal cans also feature the WF statement.  They were sold on military installations in the U.S., cruise ships which carried them to International waters, U.S. military bases overseas, and other non-US locations.   The normal person running into a beer store in the U.S. in the 1940's would have picked up an IRTP (Internal Revenue Tax Paid) can rather than a Withdrawn Free can.   That's what makes these cans more difficult to obtain, in general (however, there are some fairly common WF cans).

Outdated list of the Withdrawn Free cans in my collection.
Please let me know if you've got something for sale/trade that's not on my list:

Acme 29-7 1+  
Ballantine's 33-30 1+ OD
Budweiser 43-39 1+  
Esslinger's 60-19 1/A1+  
Hapsburg 80-18 1+  
Krueger 90-7 1  
Lucky 93-13 1- OD
Miller NONE 1- OD
Pabst 111-22 1- OD
Pabst 111-25 1+  
Pabst 111-26 1+  
Rainier Club 117-31 1 OD
Rainier Club 117-33 A1+  
Rheingold 123-35 4 ?  
Ruppert 126-6 3  
Schaefer 127-40 1-/2+ OD
Schlitz 129-16 1 OD
Schlitz 129-17 1-  
Schlitz 129-18 2+  
Sick's Select 133-11 1+  
Sick's Select 133-19 1  
Trommer's (1947) 139-26 A1+/1+  

Here's a photo of my Krueger WF cans, and also another photo
showing a couple underage soldiers:

These guys mean business!

*Notice that I still need the Krueger OD can*

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